my civic duty

I have short arms which give me a serious handicap for taking self-portraits. So, none of my shots of me wearing my sticker came out. I had to settle for relocating my badge to my leg and, as you can see, it still doesn't look that great.

Anyhoo, voted. Done. Yay! Now I have to root around for some stamps and send it away to be counted and keep my fingers crossed that it gets counted properly. That's enough to keep me awake nights, how about you?

I always like to vote by mail. In fact, I think I've only visited a polling place once in my life. Just not convenient, you know? Voting by mail allows me to still be responsible while indulging my natural love of ease. Otherwise known as laziness. I'm even more happy to do it now that they include the sticker to flaunt.


kath said...

Damn it, we don't get a sticker.

Anonymous said...

You are a serious dork. I love you..