garden update

I haven't done one in a while, so here we go.

We ate some tiny, mutant corn this past weekend. Despite (or, perhaps because of) its stature, it was sweet and tasty. Lemon cukes are producing several a week, perfect to make cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches for Small Person's lunch. The cherry tomatoes are wonderfully sweet and prolific, we munch them whenever we're outside. Radishes are sprouting, kale and mustard greens are ready to eat, zucchinis not too overwhelming. We have one bright orange pumpkin and several green ones of various sizes creeping along. The butternut squash is slow, though I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. Many things were just started too late to get a full harvest.

But, I have high hopes for our Fall garden. The greens are happy, I'll probably put in more, since I love them so. Carrots and beets are looking well, broccoli started, cabbages healthy. I've been relying on my folks for lots of garden advice (and veggie starts!) and, boy, have they been helpful. Stubborn, silly me, to avoid any garden work, and thus practice, until I can do it all on my own from scratch.  What the heck, it's all an experiment, right? At this point, I'm still surprised when we do harvest something; I'm not quite my own sole purveyor, yet.

I'm not spending as much time on the garden in general right now, since I started working again. Theoretically being more busy means I should be more organized to deal with it, but... Let's just say Young Fellow has been doing a lot more watering than usual the past couple of weeks.

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kath said...

I'm trying very hard not to be jealous. Our cherry tomatoes did ok, but we have hundreds (!) of green tomatoes, and the weather has turned already, so these are going to have to be ripened inside. Boo, they won't taste as good. Hardly seems worth all the work we put into them!