Halloween, part II

Did you guess which presidential candidate I voted for, yet? If not, here's another clue:
I confess: not my idea. There's a lovely site devoted to the barack-o-lantern, with photos and free templates to download. Fun!

We all carved our pumpkins yesterday, and may yet do more. I forgot (again!) to save and roast the seeds, but we do have two uncut pumpkins awaiting us, so I'll get those ones. Since we live on a busy road with no sidewalks, I'm not expecting any trick-or-treaters; we're enjoying the lanterns on the back patio right now. We'll go to a friend's open house and canvass her neighborhood on Halloween. It's nice to have a place to duck into to warm up, grab a non-candy snack, and examine the loot before either heading home or out for round two.

This is only the second year we've taken Small Person trick-or-treating. I thought it was a bit much for her to do until she could manage it without being carried. Not to mention, it wouldn't be very fair to make her work so hard for all that sugar I wouldn't let her eat. Now we do the standard Halloween evening gluttony and ration it out until all that's left are Tootsie Rolls and SweeTarts. For some reason, the chocolate seems to disappear so quickly...

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