I'm growing my own food!

Apparently I'm writing a gardening blog, since I'm always excited about it lately. Here are the latest baby pictures:
Little kale, collards, and mustard greens under our elaborate shade protection.
Mini watermelons!
Button squash, with bonus aphids. I'm having trouble staying on top of both of these.
Cherry tomatoes sprouting like crazy. I'm planning to make some slow-roasted tomatoes when they all ripen at once.
Finally, the world's smallest eggplant. So cute!

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kath said...

jealous of every hot-climate thing you got going except the eggplant. It's cute, I'll give it that, but why you'd eat it is a mystery to me. What do you do with your pattypan squash? Ours is usually bitter, so I switched to crookneck. I should get out and take pics of ours tonight - good idea.

Can you send me that watermelon? So cute!!