great news!

I finally figured out what my long-torso-wide-hips-short-legs physique is perfect for. All those standing balance yoga poses!

I've been enjoying a twice-weekly class for a month now, and this is the first feel-good thing I've noticed about it. I mean, we all know starting a new exercise regimen can be frustrating, even painful. Especially so in my case, when I'm asked to do push-ups. I always feel excellent after class, though, thanks to the final relaxation and breathing exercises. It's a class of mainly beginners, which definitely makes me fell better about my lack of flexibility and strength; many are in the same boat as I am regarding the push-ups.

But... but! I love the balance poses! Maybe that low center of gravity (see above re: short legs) really does help, or maybe it's the wide, Hobbit-like feet. Or, maybe my powers of concentration really are that good. Ha! Whatever it is, I do get a nice feeling of accomplishment when I can ever   so   slooowly   ease out of those weird stretch-squat-turn-on-one-foot standing poses instead of wobbling and hopping about. Then, of course we move on to something involving upper body strength and I'm gasping again. Curse you, plank pose!

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