back to school, part II

Tonight was Back to School Night at Small Person's school. I've been curiously anticipating this event since I first looked at the school calendar. I'm interested in learning more about the school, teacher, curriculum, activities, etc. and didn't really know how to jump in and ask until parents were invited to do so. I'm a wuss when it comes to this kind of situation, as I believe I've already established. New people, new situations; not my forte. I expressed elsewhere my tendency to assume I'm the weirdo parent in the room and get defensively judgmental.

Well, I was pleased and soothed by Small Person's teacher. She is experienced with and devoted to kindergartners in general and seems to have a good sense of the abilities and needs of this class in particular. I didn't get a good feel for the other parents, but I'm hoping to over time. I signed up to spend one morning a week helping out in the classroom, which I am super excited about. This is one benefit to unemployment: lots of time to volunteer!

As for the curriculum, while the school is definitely concerned with state standards, it doesn't seem to be in a freaky "test scores, and only test scores!" kind of way. Small Person's teacher let us know what the kids will learn and the milestones they will reach, but also that there is no homework, they have free play time, they will get messy, they will have fun. Kindergarten is the place for kids to learn to love school, in her opinion, so that's what she hopes to help them do. Of course, since I will be in the classroom once a week, I can keep spying to reassure myself.

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kath said...


You will love it. I wish every year could be just like kindergarten. Glad to hear that there will be lots of free play time, I hate the ridiculous focus on academics so early in their life. That's just how I'd teach kindergarten, if I had the patience or the education or the inclination - it's a place to learn to love school!