working hard for the money

So, would you rather hear that I'm so busy having a fabulous life that I have no time to post anymore? Or that I'm so busy working two (three?) jobs and volunteering and parenting and trying to plant the garden before it's time to harvest already that I have no time to post? Well, let's just call it one and the same and a day all at once. Does it help that I feel guilty for not posting? Or that apparently I post very ungrammatically?

The good part about all the tasks at hand is that being busy keeps me upbeat and optimistic. Then, there's the fact that I'm making some money lately that I will be able to squirrel away for the Fall when I switch from too much work to too much school. Same amount of busy, though. The bad part is that I don't write, I don't call, I don't visit, I come home, check my email, feed the kid (sort of) and flop into bed. Boooring.

I'm thinking I'll eventually get time off for good behavior, right?

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