mr. lizard

Between my voracious library habit and history of used bookstore jobs, I've found a lot of odds and ends in books. Old book marks, receipts, notes (and don't get me started in marginal notes on books that don't belong to you!), various bits and pieces. Then there's the sometimes gross biological residue: boogers, dried up bugs and spiders, and the occasional bloody fingerprint. Pretty disgusting, eh? Well, this is definitely the oddest thing I've seen hidden away in a book:
Yep, that's a petrified lizard. It was tucked away between an end cover and an added media packet. My work partner was gaspingly startled and left me to slide the specimen out. Of course, I had to bring it home to document it. It's only a couple inches long, but that's still big enough to give one a start and then wonder how it got there. Its placement was such that it seemed to have crawled in and been slammed away on the shelf for ages. Yuck. But, I still love working at the library.

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Laura said...

Huh. Mr Lizard was not in the yard.