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Just to give everyone the duh update: when I feel boring or lame I don't post very often. It's not that I'm overwhelmingly depressed or more nerdy than usual and embarrassed to share. I am, however, still job-hunting, which is rather sad and dull, and doubly so in the current economy. See, boring + drudgery = even more boring.

So, let's see what I can come up with that is a tad more sparkly...

We're planning Small Person's birthday party. We're going with a Hawaiian theme this year. Last year, her late-March birthday fell on Easter. Bingo! Instant theme, treats, activity, etc. Now I'm in for it; making the first party she remembers so super fabulous, I'm on the hook to over-deliver from now on. Anyway, Hawaii. I'm not sure where it came from, except the recesses of my odd brain. We've invited everyone to join us in their beach attire. We'll turn up the heat, put on the slack guitar tunes, and limbo. Then maybe a craft project involving seashells, some cake (possibly in the shape of a volcano) and everyone sent home with their party favors in a sand bucket. Now, I know, I've spoiled the surprise for all you attendees who also happen to be readers. Oh well, aren't you more excited now?

I did finally find some clothes after my retail marathon. (Good segue, huh?) Old Navy strikes again. Just some basic blouses and pants. Nothing very exciting. But, I did then find a cute pair of shoes. Very unusual for me, mauve, pointed toe, low kitten heel. By far the cutest shoes I've bought in years. From the cheapest of the cheap shoe stores. Whatever, these are interview shoes. Once I have an actual paycheck, I'll upgrade.

Hmm... What else. Made a pretty good cheesecake this weekend. The weather has been sunny enough to do a little spring cleaning in the yard. We're starting to make gardening plans. I'm getting a lot of reading done. So that's it. More to come, as soon as something more interesting happens. Maybe even sooner. Over and out.

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kath said...

if those shoes came from payless, i have the gold version. they are super cute, and pretty darn comfy. i love them.