My feet are killing me. I've spent the whole day on them, and, since I usually try to spend most of my day on my butt, I'm whiny about it.

I had a three-hour shift at the library today. Often when I'm there I spend the shift checking in items, which means mostly sitting at the computer, with short trips to stack things up. Today, however, I spent most of the time in the fiction stacks shelving, then rolling back downstairs to pick up more stuff to put away. So, lots of time on my feet.

As a totally unrelated aside here, I forgot to report my first library injury! Given my clumsiness, it was only a matter of time. I smashed my little finger between a full book cart and the wall. Boo. It's fine, but still black under the nail.

Then, I went shopping today. Oh, shopping. I'm always optimistic about it, even when it is often the bane of my existence. We all have our little body complaints, plus those items that we really just won't wear, no matter how trendy or cheap. I am very overdue for a wardrobe upgrade, and I need some potential interview clothes as well, so off I went to the big boxes.

I've been able to get by in my jeans and t-shirts uniform for far longer than I thought possible, but I've determined I'm no longer able to pull it off. For one thing, I would like to eventually have a job that is in a better professional tier, so I need some clothes that don't scream "entry-level slacker." Then, there's the undeniable fact that I am no twenty-something hipster. I've given up even the fantasy of ever being a hipster, so it's time to start dressing my age. I admit, I might be watching a little too much What Not to Wear, as well.

I bravely went forth, armed with my tax refund and a conquering attitude, and came home with... not much, actually. Not for lack of trying, mind you. I was out and about for over three hours, pawing through sale racks and trying things on, but nothing seemed to work out. You know how that goes. I did make it out alive with some lovely new undergarments, so all was not in vain. And, as I am a glutton for punishment, and Small Person will be at Baba's tomorrow, I will try, try again.

With better shoes.


Linda Siniard said...

So here's the thing about shopping when you don't really want to - wear the right shoes! The undergarment thing is a great start, right? Even Stacy and what's his name would think so (what is his name?). You're the one who got me started on "What Not to Wear" and I could kick your butt for that, but hey, I've learned a few things about body-type-dressing and age appropriate clothes, so I'm grateful, if not fully taking it into account yet. I might think better of dressing more professionally if I didn't work for a company that doesn't give a crap about how I show up -- or not. I've always been a jeans and t-shirt girl, but at 54, that doesn't quite cut it anymore. I'm on your side with the whole shopping for interviews thing. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure. L.

Anonymous said...

Clinton. I much prefer him over Stacy, anyway. I think '09 may be the grand turning point for fabulous behavior. I may be projecting. Write something new, damnit. Your fans wait with bated breath.