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Small Person has been sick with the bronchial funk this week. Aside from the middle of the night coughing fits and the Bonnie Tyler voice, she's pretty game about it. For her, the worst part is having to stay away from her beloved kindergarten.

For me, the worst part is the bed sharing. It was fine when she was a baby; she had the same sleeping habits she has now, but such smaller proportions! She still spends the occasional night in our bed, but it's rare, and usually close to morning by the time she gets there. Five full nights of my long-legged girl in the middle of the bed kicking and rolling and splaying her limbs about all night? Not exactly restful. Even worse, I like to burrow and roll myself up in my covers at night, and she throws them all off. Small Person sleeps like a log, of course. And, like all children, looks like an angel while she's sleeping, so all my midnight frustration dissipates. Until my alarm rings.

In other news, today was our first parent/teacher conference and report card! Nothing big; at this point it's all Satisfactory or Needs Work, basically. Small Person is officially Satisfactory, and a joy to have in class. Whoopee! The only things noted by her teacher to pay attention to I'm already aware of and we both agreed they are not problems. Her meticulous nature, for example, often means she works slowly, to her own standards. When it's time to move on, sometimes she is not ready and worries about it. Mrs. J. is great, though, and reassured me that Small Person is not pressured about it and can work to her own pace. Awesome, since this is one I've been fretting about. I'll probably be fretting about it for the rest of my life, actually, so I'll just concentrate on relaxing Small Person's worry.

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