Halloween part IV: A New Hope

How can I resist a family costume when we're so height appropriate? Here's our rebel forces:
I rushed home from work on Friday, glued R2's chin strap on and put the costume together over Small Person, then cut a hole in a large white sheet and belted it over my white under layer. It took me longer to bun up my hair than it did for the Young Fellow to casually peruse his closet for the Han Solo outfit. In fact, it was so easy for him, I think I'll have to officially change his blogonym to Han.

It rained most of the day, but tapered off just in time for us to hit the streets. We drove across town to meet friends and wander the good candy neighborhood. Small Person pooped out after barely an hour. She had a school day full of treats and Halloween fun, so I wasn't surprised. Then, trading and sorting and eating, oh my! I've since confiscated and hidden the rest of the candy, to slowly dole it out until she forgets about it. Or until Han empties the cache on the sly.

Now I can start planning for next Halloween. Any suggestions for a good trio?


laura said...

I feel much better knowing y'all are out there in the 'verse!

(But just what about your blog suggests that it's an appropriate site for a Yes on Prop 8 ad??)

kath said...

Fezzik claims that he does the best impersonation (is that imrobotation?) of R2D2 in the world. But he sighed when he saw this and said "I think Small Person is so pretty."

Oh dear.