winter break-down

Anyone with a "blended" family can tell you that holidays can be rough. Add a grandchild to the mix, and it gets even worse. Our clan has enough experience with sharing holidays to avoid fighting, but we do seem to get busier and busier every year. This was our celebration schedule, starting the Sunday before Christmas:

Nutcracker matinee. Small Person to Auntie L's for two nights.
Work, shop.
Shop, bake, get Small Person back.
Bake, wrap, panic.
Unwrap, wade through piles out the door to first visit. Eat, drink, unwrap, be merry.
Laundry, pack, wade out the door for next visit. Drive, eat, unwrap, be merry.
Drive to next visit, unwrap more, be wearily merry.
Drive, leave Small Person with last set of grandparents.

Be forewarned, next year we're cutting somebody out. Or, making them come to us.

I've had a couple of days to relax, eat the treats from my stocking, and completely re-do Small Person's room. Yep, it's another project. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures, but it did turn out really well. We pulled up the gross carpet and cleaned up the beautiful wood floor underneath. Then we cut about two feet off the legs of her loft bed. She doesn't like being so far off the ground, but this way she still has some space for storage and fort building. It's too cold and wet to paint and re-finish, so we'll save that until summer, or birthday. She'll return today to the surprise; I can't wait!

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Big Sis said...

Good thing you didn't have to come visit Q8!